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My_Business app is designed to help you improve your life, to assist you in taking active control of your mind and to redirect your focus in getting what you desire for better life.

We know that learning a new habit might take a period of 30-90 days before such habit could be a part of you. This application helps you to learn new routine practices and also assist you in promoting yourself to the next level.

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My_Business App goals

From previous researches, it was revealed that only 3% of adults have written goals. Goal setting alongside writing down goals is very paramount. It keeps reminding you of your written plan while your subconscious mind helps you achieve your goals within the time frame.

Informatively, people with written goals are 50% more likely to achieve their goals than people without goals. Take more time to think about your short term and long term goals.

Short-term goals should include something you want to achieve in near future; next months, weeks or even days. It is very conspicuous that long-term goals are part of a bigger vision and this must ignite an enthusiasm to deeply reminisce on what you could be doing in the next five years.

The goal has to be specific, measurable, and achievable and must have the ability to motivate you. For instance, let us assume that you want to be debt free in the next two years; you can make the goals to be more specific by writing down the exact amount of money you would need to save in order to reach your goals. To make your goals more exciting and motivating, you can also write down the essentially of such goals.

However, if you don’t know what you actually want; try to determine what bothers you. Try to figure out things that easily upset you and what you don’t really like doing. When you have discovered things you don’t really like or want, you can ask a question on how you can get such issues resolved.

Make an effort to constantly ponder on your goals, either once or twice a year. How do you really know that such goals are still achievable and suit you? Help yourself to remain persistent, focused and reminding yourself daily about the things you desire and aspire to achieve.

The process might take 30-90 days before this new routine may be actualized. Remind yourself about the goals you want to achieve on a daily basis, your brain starts to think about opportunities and the best approach to take in order to get the goals executed without any further delay.
Where there is a will, there’s a way! Set up your goals!

You can write as many goals as you like. You should have goals a different area of you lives, goals for health, relationship, career, wealth, business. we also recommend you to have top 100 goals list on your long-term goals section, write down everything you like to have.


My_Business App plans

Proper planning is necessary when it comes to achieving goals. It’s not enough to know what you want but what matter the most is the realistic plan put in place to actualize the goals.

Plan – Do – Check – Adjust (PDCA)

Make a solid plan for all the things you aspire and desire to achieve in the upcoming months. If your goals are to have more potential customers in the next months your plan must be tailored towards learning new skills (reading a book or taking a course) or taking more action (make three phone calls or more every day). Constantly check your plan and monitor the success of the plan. Never mind if the plan doesn’t work out in the way intended, but learn to adjust your plan. Having a solid and realistic plan make you to be top-notch leader.

Ready to make the master plan?


My_Business App todo

Make a to-do list for every day activities. Write down the most six important things you would like to accomplish on each day. Prioritize those six items in order of their true importance. Work tenaciously until the first task is achieved before moving on to the second task. If you have any unfinished tasks at the end of the day, try to make a new list of six tasks in the following day and move the unfinished tasks to the new list created if need.

This technique will help you to prioritize and concentrate on the most important things. When you focus on one task at the same time, it makes you more productive and reduces multitasking. Having a fewer priorities could lead to a better work.

Make things happen!


My_Business App contacts

When it comes to running a good life, it is very crucial to have the right people around you. The ability to network is one of the most important skills any successful person can achieve. How could you meet prospective clients and how do you make your contacts effective in order to grow your business?
Make a list of all your contacts. After which, you can follow up your meetings by just clicking and checking the box next to the name.

You can have different kinds of meetings with your contacts. It could be a business meeting or simply you can use an application as a platform of building trust with your contacts. Do not copy and paste when writing the list. It’s important to have an inventory of all your contacts and the best way to do that is to write every single name individually. Your brain will be more focused towards seeking possibilities and developing an avenue on how those people could be of help to you.

When you meet new people add them immediately to your list.
Ready for the next level of networking?


My_Business App notes

Write down your ideas. If an idea or thought dropped in your mind twice, try to take an action in executing and utilising the idea as soon as possible. Your subconscious mind is inspired by showing you something important.
Read your notes before you go to bed every night and check if there is anything to add to your tomorrow’s to-do list. This will ignite a passion within you and it will also help you to catch fresh opportunities.

The world is full of possibilities; we just need to be aware in order to see them.
Keep all of your thought in one place!

My Day

My_Business App myday

This is probably the most important part of My Business App. We believe in the power of thoughts and ways on how this could eventually turn into reality. If you always focus on negative thoughts, the end result will always be negative. If you always focus on positive thoughts and you have goals that you aim to achieve, you will find a way to achieve them with massive action. Learn to be thankful and show gratitude.

Have you noticed that people with similar circumstances in life tends to bring different kind of result in life? This is purely possible because of their mindset. It’s not about what happens that matters, but your response to such stimulus that matters the most. In the next 90 days, learn to reprogram yourself, to be happier and stress-free by focusing on positive thoughts.

Always try to write down the things you are grateful for after you wake up every morning. The things you are grateful for don’t need to be huge; it could be a cup of coffee in the morning or a smile from your neighbor. After filling your gratitude journal, think about the most amazing thing that could happen today. It could be finding a new customer or getting a new business opportunity. This exercise will help you to have the feeling that you are blessed with amazing opportunities.

It doesn’t really matter if the experience does not happen on that day; the point is to have the excitement and feeling of the great moment. Your positive vibe and great feeling would make you more attractive to other people and attract more opportunities.

Before you go to bed think about the happenings that transpired during the day. What was the best moment of the day? Was there something you were extremely excited about? Was there the moment you were able to pay that invoice or the enthralling moment you had during a lunch at that new restaurant? Maybe your friend gave you a call? That mindset will make your life more meaningful and guarantees you a fulfilled life.
Be grateful for every day.

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